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How I Wished All A Happy Diwali

Materials Required
* Yellow textured paper * Textured paper in any other bright color like deep red or brown. * 2 pieces of gold cord; one small and another big enough to hang * Gold glitter glue
* Cut out a flame from yellow paper and a diya shape from the deep red or brown paper. 

* Make a hole at the bottom of the flame and another one in the middle of the diya and tie them together with the gold cord.

* With glitter glue or a gold pen, write ‘Happy’ on the flame and ‘Diwali’ on the diya. 

* Make a hole at the top of the flame and tie on some gold cord to hang.

* Hang it at the entrance of your house or near the window on Diwali day to catch the breeze and the light.

How Does It Help
* Children learn the importance and significance of the Indian festival Diwali. * They learn the significance of wishing one and all on Diwali. * Children turn imaginative and creative in decorating their houses on this festive happy occasion.
Now that decorations are done, lets get down to eating Diwali sweets and wearing new dresses.

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