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Kids Science Activities

How Temperature Affects Time To Melt Chocolates
Materials Required
* 3 Small chocolate pieces, * Paper plates, * Pen and paper to record your results.
  • Put 3 pieces of chocolates, 1 on each paper plate on the table in the room, one in the shade outside and the last out in the sun. 
  • Record and compare the time taken for each piece of chocolate to melt. The chocolates will first become soft before melting fully.
What is Learnt
Temperature influences melting of chocolate, the hot sun melts it faster than the sun in the shady place, which melts faster than the one placed indoors. This is the reason why chocolates melt faster in summer. * In addition this is the reason that chocolate melts faster when it is put in the mouth, the body transfers its heat to the chocolate.
The chocolate kept outside in the sun melts in lesser time than the chocolate kept in shade, which takes lesser time than the chocolate placed on the table inside.

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