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How To Make A Pendant To Celebrate Earth Day

Materials Required
* A piece thick transparent plastic paper * A picture of the Earth * A punching machine * Green and blue marker pens. * Pair of scissors 5) String or yarn to hang around neck
  • Cut the picture of the earth with a pair of scissors.
  • Write a slogan with the green or marker pen on both sides.
  • Some slogans can be like: a) Save Me. Save The Earth b) Make Earth A Greener Place. 
  • Place the thick plastic transparent sheet on top of the earth picture and cut the round pieces representing the 2 sides of Earth. for both sides of the earth.
  • Paste the plastic sheets on the 2 sides of the earth picture and allow the picture to dry.  
  • Then make a hole with the punching machine on the top middle part of the picture of the earth.
  • String a string or yarn through the hole and wear it on your neck on Earth Day to show you care for the earth. 
How Does It Help
* Children will learn that precious earth should be protected against pollution, global warming and natural calamities. * Children will learn to express their views and stand for common causes affecting the planet Earth. * Children learn to support common causes and show solidarity. This begins at home
That's to building a child who cares for Mother Earth.

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