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Kids Science Activities

Learning Science with Fruits
Materials Required
  • Different fruits with seeds like apple, guava, papaya, jack fruit, lemon, orange, pomegranete etc
  • Knife

How to do it

  • Cut the fruits like apple, guava, papaya etc vertically and show the child the arrangements of seeds inside the fruit.
  • No cut the citrus fruits like lemon, orange horizontally and show the seed arrangeents.
  • Now show them the seed of jack fruit , pomegranete etc.
  • Explain them how nature has different arrangements of seeds in different fruits.
  • In the same ways, let them taste to fruits also.
  • Show them the bean pod, and how beautifully the seeds are arranged.

What is learnt

  • Gets introduced to Seed arrangements of fruits. 
  • Improves Tasting Sense

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