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Kids Science Activities

Light Reflection mirror Experiment
Materials Required
  • A mirror
  • A pencil and a paper

How to do it

  • Ask the child to write the name on a paper, back to front (i.e. it should read correctly when seen through the mirror). If they cannot do it by theselves , then you can help them. Mostly kindergarten kids will write the mirror image alphabets.
  • Now ask them to write the name correctly by seeing the mirror.
  • Explain them how difficult it is.
  • Ask questions such as why do the alphabets look different when seen in the mirror , but why do we look alike when seen in the mirror.
  • Why do some alphabets like m,w,o etc look same when seen directly or when seen through the mirror.
  • Explain the symmetric property.


What is learnt

  • Properties of light reflection.

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