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Kids Science Activities

Light and its vocabulary
Materials Required
  • Set of Shapes
How to do it
  • Show the kids, the light and dark, day and night and the light sources such as stars, moon in the dark sky.
  • Make them realize the wonders of this universe. Even most adults do not know to enjoy the wonders of nature.
  • Your kids are open minded and will enjoy the wonders of the nature if exposed properly.
  • Now you can introduce the properties of object with respect to light.
    • Transparent objects - will let light to pass through fully. Example glasses.
    • Translucent objects - will light part of the light to pass through. Any coloured pet bottle will be a good example.
    • opaque objects - will not allow light to pass through. Your house door may be said for an example. Ask the child to give one example of such object.
    • Reflect or reflection - the light will bouce back.
    • ray of light - it is a straight line of light.
    • prism - a 5 sided specially shaped object which will be used to seperate a composite light.
    • shiny or glossy surface - light gets reflected more.
    • dull or matte - light gets reflected less.

What is learnt

  • Gets introduced to new light properties vocabulary.
  • Will have some idea about the different properties of light.

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Comments on this article
Jana, mangaloreMonday, January 25, 2010
keep going kidzpark

Parimala, ChennaiSaturday, January 02, 2010
very good

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