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Kids Science Activities

Magical Colours of sketch Pens

Materials Required
  • Blotting paper, water
  • A bowl
  • Differet coloured sketch pens.

How to do it

  • Take a rectangular blotting paper.
  • At the bottom of the paper, leave 1 inch gap and draw circle of 2 cm diameter with different coloured sketch pens.
  • Now hold the paper on the other end, and slowlydip the paper inside the water.
  • Take care water should not touch the sketched circles.
  • Slowly, as the water raises in the blotting paper, as it nears the circles, you could see different colours.
  • Ask what colours are seen by the child.
  • It is not the same colour when used for drawing the circle.
  • If you have used orange, then different colours will be seen near orange.
  • This is because, to form a single colour, multiple colours are used in the sketch pen.
  • Ask your child to observe what are the colours used to make different colours in her sketch pen.

What is learnt

  • Composition of colours makes different colours.

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