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Kids Science Activities

Missible and Immisible property of Liquids
Materials Required
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Oil(cooking oil)
  • A transparent glass
How to do it
  • Take equal quantity of water and milk.
  • Pour the water inside the glass.
  • Now pour the milk inside the glass.
  • Ask the kids to observe whether the milk and the water can be seen differently.
  • These(water and milk) are missible liquids.
  • Now take a clean glass.
  • Take equal quantity of water and cooking oil.
  • Pour the water into the glass.
  • Now pour the oil into the glass.
  • Let the kids observe the distinct layers of water and oil.


  • Water and oil are immissible liquids.
This simple experiment explains the missible and immissible property of water.
Ask the children to tell some more liquids with different missible and immisible properties.


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