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Kids Play Activities

My Dancing Puppet

Materials Required
A pair of socks A few colored yarn buttons (that can be sewed or stuck) Needle and thread to stitch Other accessories like ribbons and bows Few funny songs and rhymes
How to Do It
  1. Allow your child to exercise their imagination and suggest how they would like to make their dancing puppet.
  2. Help your child fix up the colored yarn buttons for eyes, mouth, ears and whatever fancies them.
  3. Let the child decorate the puppet with other accessories like a ribbon for a tail and bow for the neck.
  4. Now allow your child to pick up a funny song or rhyme.
  5. Tell your child to put the sock/socks on their hands/hand.
  6. Then tell them to enact it.
What is Learnt
1) Creativity and imagination are encouraged. 2) Learning to act out various parts in life. 3) Encourages the power of speech and expression in the child.

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