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Kids Science Activities

Observation of Moon

Materials Required
  • A Chart Sheet.
How to do it

This project work for kindergarten kids goes on for a month to observe the moon  and its cycle.

Make a chart with the direction(east or west) and the phase of the moon.(whether it is growing phase..).

Introduce the words waxing and waning phases of moon. Kids are introduced to two new scienctific words.

Start it on a new moon day.

Ask the child to see whether they were able to see the moon. Explain them it is the new moon day.

On third day, when the moon will be visible for very few minutes, be alert to see the moon and show it to your child.

Make the kid, note down the direction the moon appears.

The daily work should go on till the full moon day.

Then finally study the chart with your child.

May be your child one day will become an astronaut and visit the moon.

What is learnt

  • The child will know on which direction the moon appears on the waxing and waning phase. Even most adults don't know about this.
  • Kids will get familiar with the full moon day and the new moon day.

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Comments on this article
maha, mumbaiMonday, January 25, 2010
a good nature reading method for children. really good activity.

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