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Kids Play Activities

Paint The Fence With Colors Today

Materials Required
* A spray bottle, * Water colors, * A fence or wall that can be washed easily * A group of enthusiastic children
  • Each child takes a spray bottle with a watercolor and sprays different designs on the wall or fence.
  • Let them enjoy watching the colors mix, making other colors, and artistic modern art designs.
  • The wall can be let to dry and then washed up for the next fence coloring session.
How Does It Help
* It provides for groups activity and enjoyment. * Promotes social interaction. * Helps know how colors merge, form new colors and designs. The prime colors red and white make pink, blue and yellow merge to make green, red and yellow merge to make orange, and so on. * The artistic bend of mind is developed.
The children said together, "We can create a colorful city also."

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midhu, maduraiTuesday, November 22, 2011

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