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Kids Science Activities

Pencil magic
Materials Required
  • Draw two pictures , one a bird cage and a bird seperately.
  • White paper for tracing and black marker or dark pencil
  • Scissors
  • Bright colored markers
  • Clear plastic tape
  • Cards
  • Pencil or a stick
  • Ruler

How to do it

  • Draw two pictures, one a bird cage and a bird seperately.
  • Colour it brightly.
  • Paste the picture to a thick card seperately.
  • To the back of the card, tape a pencil one inch down from the top. The pencil should be long enough to get extended beyond the picture card.
  • Now tape the other card to the back of the first card. The pencil will be in between the cards.
  • The game is ready now. Now ask your child to hold the pencil with the palms and twirl it. If the child can't do it, you do it. Let the child observe.
  • Ask your child what she has observed. The observation must be like the bird in the cage.
  • Explain that even though the bird and the cage are seperate, it looks as though the bird is in the case while twirling.


  • This is due to persistent of vision.

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