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Kids Science Activities

Plants Need Water To Live

Materials Required
* A Knife * Water * A potato with buds or eyes * A stick or marker * A patch of dirt
  • Take the potato cut into half.
  • Dig holes in the ground and plant the 2 halves of the potato with the eyes facing up  separately, cover with mud and dirt and mark the 2 places separately with a stick or marker. 
  • Water one point immediately and continue watering it regularly, but do not water the other  point. 
  • See the difference you find in both the points and find why there is a difference.
What is Learnt
Water is essential for plants to grow and produce flowers and fruits.
The potato that was watered regularly grew and produced roots and baby potatoes under the soil, but the other potato piece under the soil and produced nothing.

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Comments on this article
ramjanak, delhiWednesday, March 06, 2013
science work sheet

jagmohan, DelhiTuesday, June 28, 2011
i like dis great experiment...........

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