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Kids Play Activities

Special Gift For Motherís Day

Materials Required
* Shoe Box * Mirror * Card sheet * Paints * Crayons or Marker * Glue * Scissors
  • Paint and decorate the outside of the shoebox by painting or using crayons and colors. Let it to dry.
  • Glue a small mirror on the bottom of the box.
  • Card sheet and crayons can be used to make a sign that reads, “The person pictured here is one of the most special gifts in my life".
  • Trim it to fit into the box and use glue to stick it to the bottom.
  • Wrap in presentation paper and gift it to mum on Mother’s Day.
How Does It Help
* Creativity combined with imagination. * Building up of positive emotions and feelings and building up of confidence and self-esteem. * Making personal and innovative gifts for near and dear.
The child declared, ď Everyone is a special gift of God and needs to be appreciated and loved.Ē

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