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Kids Science Activities

Ultraviolet Light In Mineral Water
Materials Required
* 2 plastic transparent glasses, * Mineral water , * Tap water, * Black paper or cloth, * Marker.
  • Fill one plastic cup with mineral water and the other with tap water and label them with marker accordingly.
  • Place both the cups in direct sunlight and place the black paper or cloth behind the cups.
  • Just note what you see on the sides of the cup and brim in each cup. 
What is Learnt
Ultra-violet rays are more readily absorbed by mineral water which is seen as a blue fluorescent light. Tap water does not remit out this light.
The mineral water contains a blue fluorescence on its surface, which is not seen in the cup of tap water. The ultra-violet light is absorbed by the quinine in mineral water and is re-emitted as visible blue fluorescence light.

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