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Kids Science Activities

Water and its Surface Tension - a science activity for Kindergarten
  • Fill a transparent glass of water. Fill it as much as possible.
  • Allow the children to pour water in to the glass.
  • Let the children feel that the glass is totally full.
  • Now take an ink filler.
  • With the help of ink filler, try to add s of water to the glass of water.
  • Let the children observe and count the number of water s added using the ink filler.
  • Show them the spherical surface of water as it is being ped.   
  • So, now even after filling the glass fully, there are space to add few more s.   
  • This is due to surface tension of water which will try to keep the molecules as much close as possible.   
  • This property of surface tension of water helps it to take the spherical shape.   
  • Now using a pin or a pencil pierce the water on top.
  • Observe the water spilling out of the glass.
  • The same experiment can be done using a coin(2 Rs. coin).
  • This is a simple water activity experiment which teaches the kids of kindergarten about the surface tension of water.

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