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Kids Science Activities

Science Activity - Water and its freezing point

  • Take two ice cubes, a thin thread strong, a bowl of water and few salt.   
  • This experiment will make you hold the ice with the thread.
  • Place the ice cubes in the bowl of water.
  • Now place the thread on the ice cubes so that it touches both the ice cubes.
  • Try to lift the thread. The thread will come alone without the ice cubes.
  • Now place the thread on the ice cubes, so that it touches both the ice cubes.
  • Now sprinkle salt on the thread and the ice cubes.
  • Leave it for few minutes.
  • The salt will decrease the temperature and the make the water near the ice cube and the thread to freeze.
  • After few minutes , try to take the thread.
  • You could see the ice cubes also coming along with the thread.
  • The salt reduces the temperature and hence the water freezes near the ice cubes which makes the thread and the ice freeze together.
  • This simple experiment explains the science of water and its freezing point.

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