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Kids Science Activities

Water does not spill from upside down glass
Materials Required
  • A glass filled right up to the top with water
  • A piece of cardboard

How to do it

  • Do this experiment outside so that it will not spoil your home even if it is done wrong.
  • Place the cardboard on the top of the glass without leaving any gap.
  • Hold it tightly and now turn the glass upside down and then take your hand away from the cardboard.
  • The cardboard will not fall and hence the water will not.

What is learnt

Since the cup is full with water, the air pressure outside the glass is greater than the water pressure inside the glass. So the outer pressure hold the cardboard with the glass.

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Bonfilia, HAGByrWRKVThursday, November 07, 2013
As an after-school teacher, we are reeiruqd to give our students at 10-15 minute brain break where we can play a short clip/video. I work with the youngest students (K-2, but academically, much lower) so these videos would be awesome to use during our brain breaks! I may just have to ask for some for Christmas!

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