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Kids Play Activities

What I Did Going Around The Mulberry Bush

Materials Required
Children in a playground or open space
  • Kindergarten children gather together in an open space and stand in a circle. 
  • The teacher acts as the leader and sings the song “Lets Go Round the Mulberry Bush On A Cold And Frosty Morning (repeat twice).This is the way we wish our mum “Good Morning”(action). This is to be repeated twice.  
  • This can be followed by other morning activities in song form as washing face, brushing teeth, taking bath, dressing to go to school, having morning milk, breakfast, running to catch the bus, and so on.
How Does It Help
* The children learn all the things they have to do in the morning before going to school by fun and enjoyment. * Since this game is full of activity children are able to exercise their limbs and feel fresh to start day at school.
That's a smart child that the morning chores happily

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