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Kids Science Activities

Why Salt Is Sprinkled On Driveways In Cold Countries

Materials Required
* 2 ice cubes. * 2 different colored plates * A pinch of salt.
  • Put the 2 ice cubes on the 2 different plates separately and keep them on the table.
  • Now put the pinch of salt on one of the ice cube.
  • Clearly identify the 2 ice-cubes by the color of the plates and observe what happens to both the ice-cubes.
What is Learnt
Salt helps dissolve water in ice and bring down freezing temperature of ice. This is the reason why people living in cold countries use salt to dissolve ice in their driveways.
The ice-cube with a pinch of salt melts faster than the plain ice cube because salt dissolves in water as well as decreases its freezing temperature.

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