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Kids Science Activities

Did You See My Bubbling Coca Cola Fountain!!!

Materials Required
* 1 Large bottle of Coca Cola * 1/2 a packet of Mint candies * A geyser tube.
How to Do It
  • Go to the garden or some open space and stand the Coca-Cola bottle upright.
  • Then unscrew the lid and put the geyser tube on top of it.
  • Drop all the mint candies through the tube into the Coca-Cola bottle.
  • Just wait and witness a wonderful sight.
What is Learnt
Compressed carbon-di-oxide in bottled liquid forces itself out of liquids on opening in the form of bubbles as the bubbles are just waiting to escape. Dropping mint candies speeds up the process, because mint candies are covered with tiny dimples that increase the surface area and help make more and more huge bubbles. Mint could prove to be acidic to aggravate such reactions.
Lo!! There is a fantastic fountain of Coca Cola gushing out far and wide. Mint is acidic and aids the reaction to form the fountain.

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