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Kids Science Activities

Do You Love Mixed Fruit Juice Or Fruit Salad?

Materials Required
* Different fruits used in fruit salads or juices. * 1 knife, * A Blender or juicer to juice fruits.
How to Do It
  • Take half the quantity of fruits and make juice by using a blender or juicer. 
  • Add honey or lemon and mix well.  
  • Take the other half of the fruits left, cut each fruit into artistic shapes, add honey or lemon, same as in the fruit juice. Mix and make fruit salad.  
  • Let the children taste both of them separately and tell what they feel. Some may like the mixed fruit juice, while some may like just some fruits.
What is Learnt
Mixed fruit juice is a compound formed by combination of different fruits, it is difficult to get the taste of a single fruit. However a fruit salad is a mixture of fruits, where each individual fruit can be identified by shape and taste.
Children will understand what is a compound and what is a mixture.

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