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Kids Science Activities

How I Created Environment Friendly Mesmerizing Diwali Crackers

Materials Required
* A large, tall, clear jar filled with water. * Liquid food coloring of blue, red and yellow, * 2 tablespoons cooking oil * Small jar * Spoon for mixing * Measuring cup
  • Take the large, tall and clear jar filled with water and place it on the table. 
  • Then take 2 tablespoons of oil into a clear measuring cup and put 5 tsp each of red, blue, and yellow food coloring and stir the colors into the oil. 
  • Now pour the oil with colors into the water in the jar.
  • Observations should be made of what happens for some time. 
A scientific approach right from childhood is best for the child. 
What is Learnt
Oil and water donít mix because they have different densities. The oil particles stick on the oil, while water particles stick on to water. The oil and water push each other away and get away also.
At first, the oil will be spread around in globules and later the oil and food coloring will first float to the top. The firework starts when the food coloring will begin to separate from the oil and move back into the water seen as three colors long streams. The food coloring that dissolves in water heads back into water one color at a time demonstrated how primary colors separate and combine.

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