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Kids Science Activities

How I Discovered Light Helps Me See Things
Materials Required
* A shoe box with lid, * Glittering small objects, * Scissors, * Bright colored cellophane tape.
  • Take the shoe box and make a small hole in its front portion and line the hole with a bright cellophane tape. 
  • Make a square hole that can open and close easily on the top lid of the box and line it also with cellophane tape. 
  • Put glittering small objects (cuttings from greeting cards) inside the box.
  • Now try seeing the glittering objects inside by the small hole in front, and the square hole on the box’s lid shut.  
  • Again try to see the objects with the square hole opened and by shining a flashlight through the hole in the lid.   
What is Learnt
This activity proves that light is required to see things. This is the reason we can see things easily in the daytime and require light to see it at night.
You will see nothing from the hole when the square hole is closed, but will see glittering objects once the square hole is opened and a the flashlight is shined in the square hole. Light is required to see things.

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