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Kids Science Activities

How I Discovered The Magic, Ice Is Water, Water Is Steam.

Materials Required
* 5 Ice cubes, * Sunlight, * Cup, * Gas stove, * Ice cube tray
  • Put the ice cubes in a cup and keep it out in the sun.
  • Let child note what happens to the ice.  
  • Next take water in the cup and boil it on gas stove.
  • Ask the child to note what happens. 
  • Next allow the cup of hot water to cool and let the child note what happens. 
  • Now pour water in the cup into ice cube tray and put it in the freezer. 
  • After 2 hours let the child note what happened to the water in the cup. 
What is Learnt
Solids when heated changes into liquid state, liquids when heated changes into gaseous state. Similarly gases when cooled changes to liquid state and liquid state on being cooled changes back into solid state. Solid, liquid, and gas are the 3 states of the same matter.
Ice when heated turns to water and water when heated changes to water vapor or steam. Similarly steam when cooled changes into water, water when cooled changes to ice again.

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Article Title How I Discovered The Magic, Ice Is Water, Water Is Steam.
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