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Kids Science Activities

How I Found Out Light Travels In A Straight Line

Materials Required
* 2 cardboard pieces, * Any object like a medium size powder box, * A bright room
  • Make holes at points that are at the same height on the 2 cardboard pieces.
  • Make a hole on one cardboard piece that is a bit below the holes in both the cardboards. 
  • Mount up both the cardboard pieces at about 5 inches from each other and the powder box lies in front of them.
  • Try seeing the powder box from the hole that is below the other 2 holes.
  • Then see the powder box from the 2 holes that are at the same height. 
What is Learnt
Children learn that light travels in the same line, which is proved by the fact that you are able to see the powder box from the holes that are in straight line and at the same height, but not from the hole that is below.
The powder box cannot be seen from the hole that is below, however the powder box can be seen from the 2 holes that are at the same height and in one straight line.

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Comments on this article
gopi, chennnaiMonday, February 27, 2012
good and kindeling thristy

arya das, baripadaFriday, November 19, 2010
i need it

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