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Kids Science Activities

How I Found The Part Of Tongue For Each Taste

Materials Required
* Chocolates, * Lemon juice, * Bitter gourd juice, * Salted biscuits.
How to Do It
  • First give your child a chocolate and ask him/her to note the part of the tongue the taste was found out.
  • This should be followed by tasting lemon juice, salted biscuits and bitter gourd juice and feeling of the taste in different parts of the tongue.
  • This knowledge can be strengthened by playing the "Taste game" where a child could tell the part of the tongue he/she felt the taste and the other or others could guess the taste.
What is Learnt
Children will feel the sweet taste of chocolates at the tip of their tongue and the salty taste on the front side of the tongue. The sour taste of lemon juice is felt in the rear part of the tongue and the bitter taste of bitter gourd juice will be felt at the back of the tongue.
Different parts of the tongue are useful for finding different tastes.

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