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Kids Science Activities

How I Learnt About Growing Molds

Materials Required
* Left over food - Maybe bread, different fruits and vegetables (avoid meat or fish as they may give a bad rotting smell) * Water * Some tape * A big clear glass or plastic jar * A log book to note observations
  • Cut different  varieties of foods into small pieces and put them in the jar with water and allow to soak. 
  • Spread the foods evenly in the jar so that they are not piled up and close the lid of the jar.
  • Use tape to seal the jar completely and put it aside in a corner noting the date and time of the day. 
  • Check the jar once a day and note observation in a logbook. 
What is Learnt
Molds spreads and deteriorate food. They grow from tiny spores that float in the air and fall on damp food and creates and grows molds.
There will be some green, white or blue furry stuff on the food after a few days that is mold, indicating that the food has spoiled.

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