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Kids Science Activities

How I Learnt How Boats Sink, Float And Topple.

Materials Required
* Plastic boats, * Some tamarind seeds, * Water Tank to float plastic boat
  • Put the plastic boat in the tank of water and observe what you see.
  • Next put some tamarind seeds inside the plastic boat and observe the difference in the position of the boat. 
  • Next repeat the above experiment by putting seeds only on one side and equally on both sides. 
  • Observe what happens in both the cases.  
What is Learnt
The weight on both sides of the boat should be balanced not to topple while going for a boat ride in a river or lake.
The plastic boat floats freely on water first and sinks further as you add more and more tamarind seeds. Further, when tamarind seeds are added on one side of the boat that side sinks more and more and may topple ultimately. However, on balancing the weight of tamarind seeds on both sides the boat sails smoothly.

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van, indiaTuesday, August 09, 2011
very interesting site.very different from others, this is how i want my child to grow in an enviorment where he is exposed to various topics and logics. thank you so much for sharing.

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Article Title How I Learnt How Boats Sink, Float And Topple.
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