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Kids Science Activities

How I Made A Gas Balloon Blower At Home
Materials Required
* A balloon, * A bottle of soft drink, * Juice of a lemon/vinegar, * 1 teaspoon of baking soda, * Drinking Straw, * Little water,
  • Stretch the balloon well so that air can be blown easily into it.
  • Then pour water into the soft drink, add baking soda and mix well with the drinking straw until the baking soda is well dissolved.
  • Now pour the lemon juice/vinegar into the bottle and immediately close the bottle’s neck with the stretched balloon.
  • Just see your homemade gas blower work.
What is Learnt
The combination of an acid and base gives out carbon-di-oxide. Consuming too many mint candies is not advisable because they release carbon-di-oxide and that can be harmful.
Lime is acidic in nature and combines with baking soda to give out carbon-di-oxide that makes an attempt to escape and filled the balloon.

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