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Kids Science Activities

How I Made Clouds And Rain In A Glass Box.
Materials Required
* A transparent glass box. * 1 cup water, * Heater to heat water, * A vessel to heat water, * A bowel containing ice
  • Heat water in the vessel and pour it into the glass box.
  • Close it at once.
  • Then place the glass box in the bowel of ice after 60 seconds. 
  • Repeat the procedure.
What is Learnt
The scientific process of water cycle can be explained to a small child in this way. ater from seas and oceans get heated by the sun, evaporate and condense. Then the cold air meeting it thickens condensation making small lets of water heavier and larger contributing to rains, snow or hail. Rains falling into sea, rivers and streams again start the same water cycle. W
The water condenses on being heated. This forms a mist in the glass box (lets of water).

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