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Kids Science Activities

How I Turned Into A Smart Egg Buyer
Materials Required
* 2 Eggs ( 1 good and 1 rotten), * A container of water
  • Take an egg and put it in the container of water and see if it sinks or floats. 
  • Take the other egg and put it in the same container of water, observing if it sinks or floats.
What is Learnt
Water has evaporated through the minuscule holes in the eggshell in old and stale eggs and they have bigger air pockets. So a stale egg floats on water. A fresh egg contains enough water to make the egg sink in water. The child learns that air is lighter than water. The child learns evaporation in old foods makes these foods stale and unhealthy.
The egg will sink if fresh and float if stale.

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