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Kids Science Activities

Plant need sunlight and water for its growth

Materials Required
  • 2 plants in 2 different pots 
  • water and sunlight

How to do it

  • Ask the child to observe in the initial stage of a well grown plants in  2 different pots.
  • Place one pot inside a dark room without sunlight.
  • Place one pot outisde in sunlight.
  • let the child water the plant outside everyday for a week.
  • After a week or 10 days , ask the child to observe both the plants in the 2 pots.
  • ask the child what difference she could see.
  • the plant with sunlight and water will be looking fresh and must have grown new leaves.
  • the other pot plant without sunlight and water would have dried or withered.


The plants grows with the help of sunlight and water. Without sunlight and water, the plant cannot grow.
Plant photosynthesis occurs only in the sunlight.
Child will learn the new word photosynthesis. It is the food making process in plant that is done in the presence of sunlight and water. 

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