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Kids Science Activities

Reason Why Plastic Floats And Stone Sinks

Materials Required
* A small stone * A plastic toy of the same size * A marked round jar * Tank Of water
  • First fill the tank with water and note down the water level with a marker pen.
  • Put the plastic toy in the water jar and observe what happens to the plastic toy. Note how much the water has risen above the marked line. 
  • Next put the stone in water and observe what happens to the stone and how much the water has risen. 
  • Analyze what happens to both of them and whether plastic or stone made the water rise more.  
What is Learnt
Lighter object and heavier objects of the same size having density lesser than water and density more than water float and sink respectively.
The plastic toy floats while the stone sinks into the water. The stone makes the water rise higher than the plastic toy. Plastic has a lesser density and floats, as the water is pulled towards the earth, but the stone has a higher density than water and is pulled to the ground.

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