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Kids Science Activities

See How I Made A Yummy Colored Candy!!
Materials Required
* 10 teaspoons of sugar. * A transparent glass of water. * Food coloring any color. * A thin string * A pencil to suspend string.
How to Do It
  • Mix the sugar and a pinch of food coloring in the glass of water to make a saturated sugar solution.
  • Putting a pencil across the top of the glass suspend the piece of string in the sugar solution and leave for a few days in a hot sunny place.
  • Watch for a few days till a colored sugar candy is formed and enjoy it.
What is Learnt
Saturated colored sugar solutions that are evaporated to make substances free of moisture help make colored sugar candies. The child learns that loss of water helps in preserve foods. This is a sure strong foundation for the child to understand dehydration and food coloring processes.
There will be formation of colored sugar candy on the string that becomes hard with time.

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