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Kids Science Activities

See How My Teddy Bear Made Shadows!!!
Materials Required
A Stuffed Teddy Bear A flash light A dark room
  • Keep the teddy bear in the dark room near the wall and shine the flashlight in front of the teddy bear and see how and where the shadow is formed.
  • Now shine the flashlight from above the teddy bear and note what happens.
  • Next shine the flashlight from behind the teddy bear and observe what happens.  

What is Learnt
The shadow of the teddy bear is formed between the light source(flashlight) and the object (the teddy bear)The shadow of the teddy bear is formed between the light source (flashlight) and the object (the teddy bear)Shadow change in length and direction. Shadows are small in the morning, smallest at noon and get bigger in the evening.
The teddy bear forms its own shadows that is formed when something comes in the way of the light. Shadows are formed on the opposite direction of the light and take the shape of of object. It is smallest when above the object.

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