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Science for kindergarten kids can be taught in a very very simply way in our daily activities. Every parent can be the first science teacher for their kid when they have very little basic knowledge of science.
Here we list out the different ways to induce the thirst of science in your child's mind. These are simple ideas that will help you to teach your child the basics of science.
We also encourage our readers to give us ideas on activities in teaching science to little geniuses of the world.
If your are interested write to us
»Balloon as a Sound Amplifier 
»Energy Transferred Through the Balls - cr 
»How Temperature Affects Time To Melt Chocolates 
»Dark Chocolate Melts Faster Than White Chocolate 
»How I Learnt About Growth Of Seeds 
»How I Learnt To Produce Heat To Warm My Body  
»Change A White Flower Into Red 
»Plants Need Water To Live 
»Spin A Ball In The Glass Jar  
»Rainbow with a glass of Water 
»How I Learnt To Write Back To Front 
»Why Ice Turns Slippery 
»How I Learnt That Ice Occupied More Space Than Water  
»Newspaper Burns Better Than Writing Paper 
»Sun Tan More At The Beach than the Backyard 
»Blow A Candle With A Funnel  
»Salt as Preservative for Mango Pickle  
»Effects of Shape and Heat 
»Effects of Color and Heat  
»Produced Fire With A Magnifying Glass 
»Why Salt Is Sprinkled On Driveways In Cold Countries 
»Write with Invisible Ink At Home 
»Create Ice With Different Freezing Points 
»Salt Water Freezes Later Than Ordinary Water  
»Magnetic Attraction And Repulsion  
»Magnetic And Non Magnetic Objects  
»Frozen Peas vs. Fresh Peas 
»How I Freeze Dried And Ate A Fresh Apple 
»How I Found Out Sound Could Create Motion  
»Use Steam To Move My Pinwheel  
»Ultraviolet Light In Mineral Water 
»Rainbows In The Room!!!  
»How I Used Solar Energy To Heat My Bath Water.  
»How I Made My Sundial  
»See How My Teddy Bear Made Shadows!!! 
»How I Found Out Light Travels In A Straight Line 
»Why Are Leaves Green In Summer And Red And Yellow In Autumn  
»How I Discovered Light Helps Me See Things 
»Reason Why Plastic Floats And Stone Sinks 
»How I Learnt How Boats Sink, Float And Topple.  
»See How My Balloon Floats And My Ball Sinks!!  
»See My Colorful Volcano!!  
»How I Found Out Which Is Sweeter - Hot Chocolate Milk Or Cold Chocolate Milk?  
»How I Discovered The Magic, Ice Is Water, Water Is Steam.  
»How I Learnt About Growing Molds 
»How I Made Healthy Sprouts For Breakfast.  
»How I Made A Gas Balloon Blower At Home  
»How No Water Escaped From My Upside Down Tumbler.  
»Did You See My Bubbling Coca Cola Fountain!!! 
»See How I Made A Yummy Colored Candy!!  
»How I Found The Part Of Tongue For Each Taste  
»How I Created Environment Friendly Mesmerizing Diwali Crackers  
»How I Bent My Scale In Water 
»How I Found Equal Weight Is Not Equal Volume 
»How I Turned Into A Smart Egg Buyer  
»How I Made Clouds And Rain In A Glass Box.  
»Do You Love Mixed Fruit Juice Or Fruit Salad? 
»An Orange fruit float and sink in water 
»Play with Magnet - magnetic field pass through paper 
»Plant need sunlight and water for its growth 
»Do smell and taste have inter relation 
»Ice Float or Sink in water 
»Hot and Warm air requires more space than Cool air 
»A ball floating in the air 
»Movement of Water Molecules 
»Water does not spill from upside down glass 
»Water and its different State 
»Planetarium at your home 
»Wind Activity 
»Five Senses of Humans 
»Height Record 
»Tracking Animals 
»Science and Fun with Balloon and the hair 
»Egg inside the bottle - 2 
»Water and Pressure  
»Temperature and Density - Freezing oil and water 
»Magical Colours of sketch Pens 
»Dancing Raisins 
»Bending of water 
»Bending of light - Refraction 
»Light Reflection mirror Experiment 
»Water Cycle - Evaporation, condensation and precipitation 
»Germination of a seed 
»Living and Non Living Things 
»Earth Science - Day and Night Sky 
»Egg - float or sink 
»Magic with Corn flour 
»Measuring Weight  
»Learning Science with Fruits 
»Hair Raising and Static Electricity 
»For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction 
»Small Science Tour for your kindergarten kids 
»Light and its vocabulary 
»Sources of Light 
»Make a Small Parachute  
»Observation of Moon 
»Kids Weather Report 
»Density of water 
»Science during bathing 
»Light and Shadow 
»Simple light experiment for Kindergarten 
»Ice and salt 
»Some object absorb water and some object does not absorb water 
»Missible and Immisible property of Liquids 
»Science Activity - Water and its freezing point 
»Water and its Surface Tension - a science activity for Kindergarten 
»Dancing Ice 
»Amazing Detergent and Surface Tension of Liquid 
»Water Cycle - a miniature 
»Three Layer Float Experiment 
»Magic Egg 
»Water Pressure 
»Hot or cold 
»Water Magic - Surface Tension 
»Water density 
»Air pressure and Straw 
»Static Electricity in Summer  
»Light a bulb with balloon 
»Swinging Balloon 
»Inflating Balloon inside a Bottle 
»Glass Rainbow 
»Cloud inside the Bottle  
»Egg inside the Bottle 
»The clinging water 
»Cup Phone 
»Pencil magic 
»Blowing balloon with vinegar 
»Temperature , Pressure and Air